Wiki .js configure LDAP authentication

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After installing wikijs, you can configure it in detail. The configuration of LDAP authentication is described here.

at Manage > Authentication > Add Policy -> Select LDAP/AD As follows:


Next, let’s configure in detail:

  1. Display name: Modify as needed

  2. Enabled: Yes

  3. LDAP URL: The format is: ldap://serverhost:389 or ldaps://serverhost:636

  4. Admin Bind DN: CN=xxxx,OU=xxxx 部,OU=xxxx,DC=xxxxx-net,DC=com,DC=cn


    Be sure to clarify the complete information of the CN. Determine attributionOU=xxxx 部,OU=xxxx,DC=xxxxx-net,DC=com,DC=cn

    Otherwise, an error will be reported when logging in: 账号 / 密码错误

  5. Admin Bind Credentials: aboveCN password;

  6. Search Base: An example of which base DN to search for users from is as follows:OU=xxxx,DC=xxxxx-net,DC=com,DC=cn

  7. Serach Filter, in the following format: (id={{username}}). id Items that need to be replaced with the corresponding LDAP are, typically: (sAMAccountName={{username}}) or (uid={{username}})

  8. Use TLS: On demand

  9. Verify TLS Certificate: On demand

  10. TLS Certificate Path: On demand

  11. Unique ID Field Mapping: Generally: uid or sAMAccountName

  12. Email Field Mapping: Typicallymail

  13. Display Name Field Mapping: TypicallydisplayNameorcn

  14. Avatar Picture Field Mapping: TypicallythumbnailPhotoorjpegPhoto

  15. Open Registration: Enabled

  16. Restrict to specific email domains: On demand

  17. Assign to Group: Default YesGuest, adjust as needed.

The final summary is as follows:



Wiki .js configure LDAP authentication
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August 10, 2021
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