Velero Series Part 2: Installing Velero with Helm

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This article installs Velero with Helm 3, only the most basic. And plan to back up YAML (only YAML, not Volume) to Tencent Cloud’s COS (compatible with S3, so it can be achieved through AWS S3 plugin)
Installation required:

  • velero
  • AWS S3 plugin

Do not install:

  • CSI
  • VolumeSnapshot
  • Restic

Install the CLI

  1. Download for your client platform Latest version .

  2. To extract the package:

    tar -xvf <RELEASE-TARBALL-NAME>.tar.gz
  3. The binary that will be extractedveleroMove to one of your own$PATHLocation (For most users.)/usr/local/bin)。

Volume plug-ins

📝 Notes:

Tencent Cloud’s COS can directly use Velero’s AWS Object Store plugin

Install and configure server components through Helm

helm repo add vmware-tanzu

Add/update the necessary values by changing the values. Then run:

helm install vmware-tanzu/velero --namespace velero -f values.yaml --generate-name --create-namespace
# 或
helm upgrade --install velero-xxxxxxx vmware-tanzu/velero --namespace velero -f values.yaml


intact values.yaml See here:
helm-charts/values.yaml at main · vmware-tanzu/helm-charts (

In this scenario, the values that need to be modified are:

  1. initContainers use velero-plugin-for-aws
  2. metrics : (for monitoring)
    1. podAnnotations
    2. serviceMonitor Required for those who have Prometheus Operator installedenabled: true
  3. configuration
    1. provider: aws
    2. bucket
    3. prefix
    4. default
    5. config.s3Url: (Modified according to the official website of Tencent Cloud:Object Storage Using the AWS S3 SDK to Access COS-Best Practices-Documentation Center-Tencent Cloud-Tencent Cloud (
  4. credentials.secretContents
  5. snapshotsEnabled: false
  6. deployRestic: false


If it’s an arm64 architecture (like the Raspberry Pi 4B), thenkubectl That image also can’t use Bitnami’s, because Bitnami doesn’t have an arm64 image.
Other than that upgradeCRD It will also cause the installation to fail on arm64, so disable it first.

It could be changed to read as follows:

tag: v1.21.9

upgradeCRDs: false

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Velero Series Part 2: Installing Velero with Helm
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